Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rise?

We’re a team of investors, programmers, and financial advisors determined to help you get the best dollar denominated returns from safe high-performing dollar investments around the world so you can focus on living your life.

We combine years of expertise and highly efficient technology to select stocks, real estate, and other promising dollar-denominated opportunities and invest your naira in them based on your choices and how much risk you’re willing to take.

You can think of us as a hedge fund for everyone, not just people who are already wealthy.

How does Rise work?

1. First, you download Rise on Google Play or the App Store and join in a few minutes.

2. Next, you choose the kind of investment you’re interested in, how often to add money to your Rise account (daily, weekly or monthly) and how long you want to invest for.

3. Rise will then automatically debit your naira account, convert your money to dollars at the current market rate and invest it based on your previous choices.

4. You’ll be able to track all your returns on Rise and withdraw or reinvest them to keep growing your money.

5. As Rise learns more about your investment habits, the app will send you a customised mix of opportunities to make your investing easier and more precise.

6. You’ll also be able to get up-to-date investment information based on our research and free money advice through the Rise Investment Club. .

Why should I invest in dollars?

The Naira loses value every year due to a very high inflation rate. Additionally, naira is devalued from time to time by the central bank. These two things makes naira a poor vehicle for your long term investments as most naira investments are not earning enough returns to beat inflation in the short term and most returns from the ones that do are slashed by devaluations.

Investing in dollars allows you to have the security of an appreciating currency, and your returns are real, and only increase over time. But more than this, Rise invests in global assets which represent larger growth, more diverse opportunities, better liquidity and most importantly, better returns.

Is my money really safe with Rise?

Yes, your money is absolutely safe with us.

All Rise accounts are protected with the same encryption technology banks use and stock investments are insured.

Is Rise licensed?

Yes, Rise is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, RC Number:1622382 and holds users investments through its Cooperative License Number: 17080.

Rise’s non-Nigerian investments are held through third-party partnerships with regulated entities in their respective jurisdictions.

How easily can I withdraw my investments?

You can choose to make any investment plan available on demand, and you’ll receive withdrawals within 3-5 working days. You can also choose longer investment durations.

Will I get my returns in dollars?

No, we currently pay returns in naira within 3-5 working days you withdraw them.

Can you teach me about investing?

Yes, we can. We update MoneyRise, our investment blog, regularly with really simple explainers, guides and news to help you understand how to get the most out of your money.

Joining Rise also gives you free unlimited access to the Rise Investment Club where you can ask questions about money and get useful answers, team up with other investors and finance experts to tap into fresh investment opportunities and get practical advice every time you need it.

Are my returns guaranteed?

Only Fixed Income (Eurobonds) returns are guaranteed. The rest have various risk levels attached just like all investments, which means they may go up or down in the short term but will earn their returns in the long term.

What are your fees and charges?

Card Payments:
  • NGN Cards: From 1.4% to (1.5% + NGN 100) per transaction and capped at NGN 2000.
  • USD Cards: From 2.9% to (3.9% + NGN100) per transaction.

There is NGN 35 transfer fee charged for withdrawals into bank accounts. And 5% withdrawal penalty fee charged on all withdrawals made from a locked (yet to mature) plan.

Management Fees:
  • No fees on investment with returns below 10%.
  • 1.5% on investment with returns between 10% and 15%.
  • 2% on investment with returns above 15%.

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