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Invest in a portfolio of rented buildings across the US, get returns in dollars through rent and capital appreciation.

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How It Works

We buy US properties in high demand below their market value to make sure your investment will be profitable.
We improve, rent out or outrightly sell those properties on the open US market and pay you returns in dollars.
Each property is divided into 10,000 investment units priced at $10 each.
You can buy as many units as you want. Buying all units in a property means all returns from the property are yours, minus our basic fees.
On average, historical annual returns from US real estate investments are 10-13% but investors often get higher returns than this.
Our US properties are insured against loss, damage and loss of rental income.
The rental and maintenance of the properties are handled by carefully selected property managers so you never have to worry about the safety of your investment.
“The best thing about using Rise is the access to US stock portfolio that I wouldn’t otherwise have. I can track my contributions easily and watch as my money is put to work by a team of professionals”
Ebele Ezenwa
Corporate & Commercial Lawyer

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