We help you invest and manage your money by investing in our portfolio of 30 high-growth stocks across the US market with our equity portfolio of power stocks.

Historical returns: 14% per annum

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Risk Level: High

Our Approach to Stocks Investing

We select the strongest and best performing stocks that expert US hedge funds and fund managers buy every quarter.

We research those stocks based on key factors such as growth rate, valuation, competitive advantage and market rate before making a decision.

We add stocks that are undervalued and have high potential to our stock index after a thorough analysis, then we monitor the portfolio companies for growth.

To make sure your investments grow steadily, we keep only the best-performing stocks in our index.

Historically, our annual returns on US Stocks is up to 14%. However, actual returns depend on the market.

Why Choose Rise for Stocks Investment?


We do the work for you and are fully committed to investing your money at the best available price.


We leverage market insights and ideas from our trusted advisors and fund managers.


You don’t have to worry too much about the market. We take on that burden for you.


Our transparent and low fees gives room for beginners and experts in stocks to invest their money and maximize returns.

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