Why Is Rise Your Best Investment Option?

Rise is the easiest way to make automated and secure dollar denominated investments in Nigeria.

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Investments Make More Sense In Dollars

When you invest in dollars with Rise, your money is protected from local inflation and the possibility of the Naira being devalued.

We’re Trusted Global Investment Experts

Rise is not just an investment app, we’re experienced professionals who know where to invest your money to get the best returns safely. That’s your peace of mind guaranteed.

We Take Your Investments Across Borders

Rise opens up great opportunities for you to move beyond low-interest local savings and investments. We make sure you get the most out of your money anywhere in the world.

Our Long-Term Plans Are Better Than Pensions

We help you build up security for your future now with dollar investments in long-term assets. That way, you will keep making good money long after retirement.

We Will Keep You In Good Company

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Joining Rise now will connect you with other investors and dozens of money experts who are always eager to help, share experiences and point you toward good investment opportunities. We are the personal finance community you have always wanted.

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